Feet back, 2009/2010

Photographs of models with paintings.

" ... Paint a picture and award the virtual cross with the status of a 'painting' while it actually embodies the total opposite since - the painting is not there! 'Plant' it materialistically in this reality, physically tread it down into the earth and thus 'seed' different levels of perception into an entirely new picture. Provokingly hold it into space. Mark the space through its presence, just like territories are marked with flags: I was here, I was there, I climbed and I walked, to end up here. "

Extract from Katrin Gattinger, "Feet back", 2009

Texte "Feet back" de Katrin Gattinger

Feet back (Les Aiguilles d'Arves), 2010.
Feet back (Chambord), 2009.
Feet back (Lac de Serre Ponçon), 2009. Photo : D. Schontz.
Feet back (Montagnon en Valais), 2010.
Feetback (Durbach), 2010.
Feet back (Port de Strasbourg), 2010.
Feet back (Chataigneraie en Fully), 2010.
Feet back (La Meije), 2010.
Feet back (Haut-Andlau), 2010.
Feet back (Hochsauerland), 2010.
Feet back (Vosges), 2010. Photo : D. Schontz.